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Denizen's Den
Denizen's Den - The Black Knight
Denizen's Den - The Black Knight Mobile
Dynamite Diamonds
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The story continues as you lead the Black Knight into the depths. Adventure with new weapons, monsters, amulets and more. Now on Windows Mobile Phone and Xbox 360 indie for only $1.00.
A top down dungeon adventure, randomly generated so every game is a new experience. Over 25 weapon types, including projectiles, will be at your hero's disposal. Scrolls, wands, rings, and potions contain powerful magic that may tip the scales in favor of your valiant adventurer, or may bring your doom. Beware, these dungeons house traps, nigh impenetrable darkness, secret doors, and more. Available on PC and Xbox 360 indie. Xbox 360 indie for only $1.00.
A 2-D action platformer with a generous pinch of strategy. You must blow the diamonds out of the rocks and collect them all before you can move to the next level. But beware, you aren't the only prospector in these caves and the other guys will do anything to steal your diamonds. Over 40 levels of play to start plus a level builder so you can design your own challenging levels. Coming Soon!